The concept of Licht Bestreben is pursuing the life-size wardrobe but also gender-less styles for men, it's based on the designer's subjectivity and senses influenced by arts and music in one's life-style.

One of the keys to above direction and design is Dismantling

Ladies' styles and Constructing it for Men's”.
It originates from the thought that we want to create and suggest brand new styles for men, which have many pleasures without being bound by a conventional fixed idea of ​​classical men's styling.
But at the same time, we also attach importance to be careful not to lose realistic as a life-size men's style.

We do propose, on the basis of the above ideas, a mixture style that adopts both of street-culture and state-of-the-art fashion culture, which is unusual in Licht Bestreben.

The brand name, Licht Bestreben, mean an imaginary designer name that contains our wish for becoming a unique brand, such as can eventually be to making new values, by creating life-size but also originally styles and items with continuing to steadily make efforts in the user's point of view. That's because I'm one of pure fashion lovers.



This designer, Kota Kato, was born in Osaka in1988.
He had been studying clothes making under his groundmother who is an apparel designer, at the same time, had launched his private and predecessor brand for Licht Bestreben, in his school days.
After graduation, he had been participating in production managements and brand direction at a Japanese apparel company.
He Started his own brand, Licht Bestreben, being based on Tokyo since 2016 fall/winter.



-2018- Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix

-2022- Fashion Designer Accelerator Tokyo



〒155-0032 1F, 4-34-11, Daizawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

(4-34-11-1F Daisawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)

tel&fax: 03-6453-2432

mail: info@lichtbestreben.com



〒155-0032 1F, 4-34-11, Daizawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

(4-34-11-1F Daisawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)

tel&fax: 03-6453-2432

mail: mayuko.n@lichtbestreben.com



Pursuit of real clothes through thorough subjectivity, not bound by fixed concepts and objective interpretations.

Inspire Source is the designer's own lifework, and aims to sublimate and provide a life-sized wardrobe with the seasonal theme of the things and values ​​that are most influential at that time .

The key source is the genderless men's style of street x mode , which is realistic and flexible but does not lose its sharpness . Making high-end, high-quality items more familiar to users.

The brand name Licht Bestreben contains the designer 's desire to find " a new form of brand in the modern fashion scene " with a style that flows backwards from downstream to upstream through the filter of the end user .