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Licht Bestreben

LB23SS-BL02-ERW | Embossed Lily Waltz Deck Jacket | BLACK

LB23SS-BL02-ERW | Embossed Lily Waltz Deck Jacket | BLACK

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Licht Bestreben 2023SS collection.
Branded Bespoke Embossed Lily Waltz A new deck jacket by .
This is a custom-made material that is embossed on raw fabric called Lily Waltz, which is an SDGs derived from recycled materials.

This is the product page for BLACK color.

*Product images are as close to the actual product as possible, but please note that colors may look different depending on the monitor you are viewing.

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Brand custom embossed Lily Waltz.
This is a custom-made material that is embossed on raw fabric called Lily Waltz, which is an SDGs derived from recycled materials.

Originally, embossing is only suitable for 100% polyester and is only suitable for thin materials (about the same as shirt fabric). Then, the technique that raw cloth is very limited.
As expected, the embossing didn't work at first. After all, Japanese technology is amazing!

The shape of the blouson was reconstructed by cutting out and fusing the details and methods used in past blousons, coats, and jackets that the designer liked.
21AW jeans, 22AW coat sleeves, 22SS blazers, and other parts that symbolize Licht are scattered throughout.

The lining is made of washable cupra for summer, so you don't have to worry about water spots (such as ring stains caused by water droplets such as sweat) that tend to occur with cupra.

Although the outer material, lining, and partial fabric are made of materials that are highly resistant to water, we recommend dry cleaning at a specialty store to prevent the product from losing its shape.


polyester 96%

20% polyester

82% cotton
17% nylon


LENGTH: Front 73cm | Back 80cm
SHOULDER (shoulder width): 62cm
CHEST (Width): 85.3cm
ARM LENGTH (sleeve length): 55.5cm
ARM WIDTH (sleeve width): 23.2cm

LENGTH: Front 75cm | Back 82cm
SHOULDER (shoulder width): 64cm
CHEST (Width): 87.3cm
ARM LENGTH (sleeve length): 56.5cm
ARM WIDTH (sleeve width): 23.7cm

*There may be differences in the measurements for each single product depending on the production lot.
*Please note that there may be a difference of about ±0.5 cm in measurement error.
*All measurements are taken with the product laid flat. Please refer to the measurement guide picture below for the measurement points.
&lt;Reference chart&gt;
☆ Size 0 = XS ~ S equivalent (155cm tall standard body or female ~ 167cm female)
☆ Size 1 = equivalent to S-M
☆ Size 2 = equivalent to M-L
☆ Size 3 = L ~ XL equivalent (175cm tall standard ~ 185cm slim body)</size:2></size:1>


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